SAMBA 2022 Christmas Party

Events | 2022-12-01| Written By: Kalib Geiger

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September 17th SAMBA and SCCM Trail day

Trail Work | 2022-09-22| Written By: Jeff Taylor

This past Saturday September 17th SAMBA and SCCM youth cycling team joined ...

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New Bridge at Flats to High and Dry

Trail Work | 2022-06-26| Written By: Jeff Taylor

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High & Dry Tail Work Day

Trail Work | 2022-04-11| Written By: Kalib Geiger

With Stump Jump right around the corner and High and Dry still underway wit...

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Ladies Only, NO BOY'S ALLOWED!

Group Rides | 2022-04-03| Written By: Jeff Taylor

Tired of boys talking about bikes the whole time and taking forever? The <s...

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Wednesday 6pm Group Rides

Group Rides | 2022-04-03| Written By: Jeff Taylor

Come out Wednesday's 6pm at Croft Southside park for SAMBA's <span style="f...

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2022 Stump Jump!

Events | 2022-03-30| Written By: Kalib Geiger

</p> <h4>Racers</h4> <p></p> <p>The 2022 Stump Jump is right around the ...

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Trail Day Saturday Jan 22nd on Gecko.

Trail Work | 2022-01-19| Written By: Jeff Taylor

A Dream Team of volunteers came out Saturday as we continued our work on Ge...

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Gecko Trail day

Trail Work | 2022-01-10| Written By: Jeff Taylor

SAMBA members Chris Poulin and Jeff Taylor partnered with Rick Henderson of...

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Holston Creek Gets a Clean Up

Trail Work | 2021-12-04| Written By: Kalib Geiger

A huge thank you to all of the great people that came out Saturday to give ...

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